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Can you Search within Admin using 'and', 'or'

Can you Search within Admin using 'and', 'or'



Is it possible to search for products within the Admin Catalog using 'and', 'or' etc?


For example, when setting up related products, you might want to list all product that contain either 'Tom' or 'Jerry' or both.

I can't find a way of searching for products that contain EITHER 'Tom' or 'Jerry'



Re: Can you Search within Admin using 'and', 'or'

Are you asking if you can search in the Admin Grid by doing this? 


I believe the answer to this is NO however their is a global search, I am not sure if that accepts any parameters

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Re: Can you Search within Admin using 'and', 'or'

If you're talking purely for related products... you could do the 'tom' search in the grid.. SELECT ALL and then do the Jerry search there-after - once again Selecting All.


I believe the second select-all should append to your first select all.


Not a solution; but a work-around?

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