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Canonical Tags in CMS pages

Canonical Tags in CMS pages

So to help out the community and other users of Magento we hope to post some useful tips! Hope that this is acceptable...


So although magento can be configured to have categories and product pages to have canonical tags inserted (good for SEO) they are missng in CMS pages. Its easy however to insert them for your CMS pages.


Simply navigate to your CMS page > Click on the design tab (left hand side) > scroll to custom layout update AND the insert the following:


<reference name="head">
<action method="addLinkRel">

add the above code in remembering to replace the URL with the URL of your CMS page and the hit save. thats it. Hope this easy tips helps folks Smiley Wink

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Re: Canonical Tags in CMS pages

This is a great initiative! Thanks for sharing! There is one more tip:

How to Create 301 Redirects for Magento

Go to Backend – Catalog – URL Rewrite Management. Click Add URL Rewrite button. Choose Custom from the Create URL Rewrite menu.

You’ll see the URL Rewrite Information form. Fill it in:

ID Path: enter the old URL. For instance, if you’re going to redirect, then enter page1.html in this field.

Request Path:  enter the old URL again.

Target Path: enter the new URL. Again, if the new URL will be, use page2.html only.

For Redirect choose Permanent (301).

You don’t have to fill the Description field in.

Save the changes, then go to your old page and check if the redirect is working as you want it to.


You can find more useful tricks at

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Re: Canonical Tags in CMS pages

Thats great for only 1 OR 2 redirects.


When you have more than a few then we always use:


It works straight out of the box with no issues and its very easy to manage! Oh did I say it was free too Smiley Tongue

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Re: Canonical Tags in CMS pages

Great post,  we recently bought the below extension which allows canonical for Category / Product and CMS pages


Hope it helps




Re: Canonical Tags in CMS pages

thk for tips Smiley Happy


I don't understand very well Smiley Sad


if i want to add a custom canonical in a specific page i need to go (from back end) in


 - store

 - configuration

 - general

 -  design 


and put your code? is it right?


thk!! Smiley Happy

Re: Canonical Tags in CMS pages

Hello @escounpo

So that code is just for CMS pages which miss the canonical tags.

Simply go to:
CMS > Pages > (Select your page) > click Design (left hand side) > Custom Design AND then insert that code into: Custom Layout Update XML box REMEMBERING to add your own URL. That's it Smiley Happy

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Re: Canonical Tags in CMS pages

How to implement something like this in Magento 2?

Re: Canonical Tags in CMS pages

Check this guide to add canonical tags in Magento. It works not only for CMS pages but other content pages as well and you don't need to edit any layouts or code. Just enable one configuration.


While it might not be as useful for developers, it is a perfect option if you want to enable canonical tags in Magento content pages from admin.