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Catalog pricing rule

Catalog pricing rule

I have set up a catalog priceing rule for a customer group.

The discounted price  is show up on the catalog, but when I put the product in the shopping cart, the shopping cart uses the original price, not the discounted.

Any idea, what is wrong. ( there is no other condition set up in the rule, except customer group )






Re: Catalog pricing rule



It may be related to your theme. Have you tried it with base or rwd package? Is it looks same?

If it same then it something related with rule setup. I assume cache is disabled in this case.


If it comes from theme, you may want to check if app/design/frontend/{package}/{theme}/template/catalog/price.phtml file. this file generate price and it show dicounted price when catalog rule applied.



Re: Catalog pricing rule

Did you "apply" the rule? Also, are you shopping in the correct customer group? If yes and yes, try deleting the rule and add it again. The only time I ever had a similar problem was when I saved the rule but did not click to apply it.