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Category rating system

Category rating system

Hello. This is the first time I ever used Magento. I'm demoing the 1.9.x Community Edition right now in order to get some first impressions.


Not sure how to title this post though. What I want to know, is whether it is possible to have some categories (or tags?) apply to some products, and then have a rating of how well they apply.


For example, let's suppose a shop is selling Wine. On each product page, there could be a list of foods that this Wine goes well with. Like fish, pasta, etc. These categories/tags do not actually represent anything that is sold in the store. Fish and pasta are not actual products.


A wine could have 5 stars for fish, and 3 for pasta. Then, on another page, those categories/tags could be listed, and clicking on them would display the Wines that have the highest rating for those categories first. Customers who have bought a Wine could also be able to vote with a rating of how well that Wine goes with a specific category.


Is something like this doable in Magento?


Re: Category rating system



In Magento, there is already ratings functionality by Default.

For your requirement you need to create a custom extension which provides ability to add products like Fish, Pasta, etc. and also a feature to give ratings based on Products combinations.

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Re: Category rating system

Do you have any recommendations on what to look up and what to read for someone who has never used Magento before and wants to implement this?


Right now, I have zero idea where to start with this...