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Comparing 2 databases with Magento to assign categories to products.

Comparing 2 databases with Magento to assign categories to products.

Hello, I'll try to make myself clear with our issue, thanks in advance for the responses.


We are admins on a magento store with a lot of categories, 23,924 total (including subcategories) to be exact, the categories are divided in subcategories, for example Apple / iPhone 6 / Chargers. We also have around 400 products that we need to assign to these categories based on different specs, like charging port type, dimensions, etc


When a new phone comes out we have to assign that phone (category) to all the products that are compatible, which takes a lot of time to do manually, let's say we add 20 new phones to the site and 70 products fit each of those phones, we would have to add 1400 products to the categories, since we have a large database editing the products and categories is really slow.


Is there a way where we could create a database (categories) for example, let's say we add the iphone 6, we add all the specs for the phone and have it compare to another database (products) to see which products in our database fit that phone? This is the only way I think a website like this would be manageable.


I just want to know where we should start reading to be able to create this, we currently use Magento Store Manager and are learning to bulk add categories and products, but creating a database that compares the category and the products will finally be the best option.