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Complex Bundle Product Pricing

Complex Bundle Product Pricing

Good morning,


I am attempted to create bundle products which have a pricing system which I don't think is achievable without the use of an extension, but thought I would post it here first.



Fruit bowl = £100 (Bundle product - required cannot be purchased seperately)

Apples = £20 (Simple product - can be purchased separately)

Pears = £20 (Simple product - can be purchased separately)


I would like to be able to set up a bundle product where the fruit bowl is a required item, and offer the ability (not required) to add the Apples or Pears at a discounted rate. Buy X Save 20% off Apples / Pears.


Occasionally I might offer 50% off of Apples / Pears, so in this instance the customer would be better off buying them separately. In an ideal world, I would still like to offer an additional 20% off the Apples / Pears.


I don't think this is achievable out of the box, so any advice on extensions ect. is welcomed. Using Magento 1.9 CE


Thanks in advance, I hope that makes sense Smiley Happy