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Complicated discounting option

Complicated discounting option

I have a question as to whether the functuionality exists in Magento for the following:


I want to apply a discount to all products from the same vendor. However, I want to additionally apply an option for the shopper to decide whether to take the discount in its entirety or to rather pass that saving as a donation to a non-profit charity.


Can I add a selectable option at checkout for them to choose the charity and manually apply the amount they want to pass on to said charity?


Re: Complicated discounting option

Hey @RVFmal


This isn't in Magento by default. You will need an extension that adds this function.


I would possibly scope it so that on the checkout page the extension sums the total cost of the items from said vendor. It then would ask you to choose a charity from the list and move a slider from 0-100% of the % amount you will take as a discount or give as a charitable donation. Depending on where the slider is it would apply the discount amount to the order and save the charity amount to a report for you to access.


Do you have a developer to help with this kinda stuff?



Chris @ Rixxo
Magento Solution Specialist, 10 year Magento user, store owner and Agency Director

Re: Complicated discounting option

Hi Rixxo

Thank you for the reply. It does seem as if an extension is my only option
(and as yet I have not even started looking for a developer who can assist.

I am currently running the store that I built on Joomla and Virtuemart so
this is all a bit of a learning curve for me.

I do quite like the sound of your scope for the extension. I want to make it
as simple as possible. If the discount is 10% they can either select the
entire discount or opt to donate to a selectable charity with a percentage
of the donation to selected charity (25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the discount

Will have to give it some more thought.