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Composite products

Composite products

Hello all. I have used Magento in the past but am out of touch. I have just started a new project selling Amazon and eBay and would like a website too so Magento is my obvious choice. My current stock / order system is Linnworks but it's getting expensive so I am looking at Magento as a back end and using M2E to list / control stock on those other channels. I just have some crucial functionality that I need. 


I sell a lot of products that are composed of a range of items. For example:


Product 1: Luxury choc box . 4 x milk choc, 4 x dark choc and 2 x white choc

Product 2: Snack box: 2 x Milk and 2 x Dark. 


These are examples, I don't sell chocolate. But basically I have an inventory of items and I need a system that can assign stock levels to the composite 'kit' product and adjust it's availability accordingly. eg. If I sell 50 types of hamper and all have strawberry jam in them and I run out of strawberry jam, I need the system to put all those hampers out of stock in Magento and presumably on the other channels through M2E. 


Likewise, when I get an order for a hamper, I need that to be reflected against other stock items. I need to update the stock at the individual product level. 


I hope that makes sense. I kind of recall not really finding a good way to do this in Magento before which is why I turned to Linnworks. I was wondering if this functionality has since been added? 


Thank you. 


Re: Composite products


The functionality you are talking can be creating using bundle products... so you create each chocolate type as a simple; and then create a bundle that has 4 x milk chocolate (required and not allow user defined qty), 4 x dark chocolate (required and not allow user defined qty) and so on.


This would handle your stock issues (and would work accross your hampers etc..)


However; it may look a little odd on the frontend and may require some template trickery to make the user-exerience a little better.


Have a play and see what you think.

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