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Configurable Product Pricing

Configurable Product Pricing

I set up a configurable product which has the following configurations:


Option 1:  Poly / Wire / Combo

Option 2:  Flat / Convoluted

Option 3:  Single/ Box of 24 / Box of 28


My issue is that the markup for each of these is different based on the previous selection.  


What I want to do is the following: 

The base price for Poly is $8.00.

Selecting Wire adds $1.05 / piece

Convoluted adds $0.05

Box of 24 should be a 2.5% discount off the price of the configured individual part x 24

Box of 28 should be a 3% discount off the price of the configured individual part x 28 


Is there a way to make magento do this in one entry configurable entry?


I apologize for being so green at this.... I am way out of my element, but charged with setting this up.




Re: Configurable Product Pricing

Hi @JeremyElliott,


I would like to clarify the concept for the configurable products. There is no such thing as one single configurable product entity.


A configurable product is associated to multiple simple products, that means that every time you are configuring the products through each dropdown in the front-end, you are actually selecting the simple product from that product family.


That means that you can set the specific price for your simple associated products.

Here is more information about the configurable products:



Best regards.

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