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Configurable Product changes to ‘Listed (Hidden)’ following a sale

Configurable Product changes to ‘Listed (Hidden)’ following a sale

Hello everyone.


I am very new to Magento and find myself with a real situation on my hands:


I have several Configurable Products each of which has Associated Products linked with them and listed on eBay.


Some of the Configurable Products operate as they should and there are no problems associated with them.


However, there are certain Configurable Products which list but immediately following the sale of any one of the Associated Products the status of the Configurable Product changes to ‘Listed (Hidden)’ albeit there is plentiful stock recorded against all of the associated products and all of which are enabled. At this point the configurable product cannot be seen in eBay. If I then manually revise the selected items on eBay, the status changes back to Listed until the next sale and so on.


I have run a full reindex;        in Magento’s Admin Panel I have gone to System ==> Configuration ==> Inventory and made sure that "Qty for Item's Status to Become Out of Stock" is 0;         and I have checked the Stock Availability/Inventory, quantity, visibility, catalog and price of all the simple and configurable products and all are fine.


I am at a complete loss as to what needs to be done. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.