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Configurable Product not showing in Category

Configurable Product not showing in Category

Hi all,


I've encounter issue in my Magento 1.9.1 where Configurable products not showing in Category.


The FF already checked multiple times

- qty

- visibility (Catalog,Search for Parent, Not Visible indi for Associated Product)

- category

- website

- status

- cache

- reindex

- same attribute set for parent and associated product

- Parent product has associated product listed in Associated Tab


I tried to dissect the query on Category page and saw that my configurable products doesn't have entry in catalog_product_index_price. I tried to reindex multiple times but no luck.


Note: I tried to search on this forum before posting this but cant find solution for catalog_product_index_price.


Thank you in advance,



Re: Configurable Product not showing in Category

Hi @raymagedev,


Maybe your product is out of stock and you are hidding products without stock?

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Re: Configurable Product not showing in Category

Hi Damian,


The Configurable product qty is 0 because its the parent and there's no way to add qty to the parent. The associated product has qty and In-Stock. Parent product also set to stock. I'm just wondering my the configurable product doesnt have entry in catalog_product_index_price but the associated products to it has entry to the said table.


Below is the part of the query that prevents configurable product for showing. This is not my custom query, its the query generated from ProductCollection->getSelect(); in category page.


INNER JOIN `catalog_product_index_price` AS `price_index` ON price_index.entity_id = e.entity_id


Re: Configurable Product not showing in Category

So I decided to download a fresh magento 1.9 copy and install it on my local. No third party modules no products as in from scratch Smiley Happy


Steps I've done.

- Create store view

- Create  Category

- Create Size Attribute

- Create Attribute Set

- Added the Size to my new Attribute Set

- Create Configurable Product (status, visibility, website, category set)

- Create Associated Product (status, visibility, qty, weight set after saving I edit the child product and added website, category)

- Clear Cache, Reindex

- Upon viewing frontend I saw my newly created Category without products so I decided to print the query and saw same query from my live website. The query is looking to catalog_product_index_price.



- so I decided to check catalog_product_index_price and surprised that only my child product has entry into the said table (entity_id 2 my associated simple product, my configurable product which is the parents is entity_id = 1 ). Meaning the behavior is the same to my Live Magento. Does it mean Configurable product wont really be able to view in Category page? or I need to update some settings? or this is a bug?