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Configurable Query

Configurable Query

Apologies if this has already been raised and I have missed it. If not we are having a little issue with configurable products and was hoping someone might be able to provide some insight or a solution.


Our client deals with home furnishing. An example of configurables used are a desk lamp with either black lamp shades or cream lamp shades.

Another example is a style of bed available in single, double, king size or queen size.


Each of these variations has a different price attributed to it. Our current set up (still in development) has marked the base configurable product price at £0 with the components at their actual price. This has been working and displaying correct prices. The issue however comes when the client will want to make (for example) the king size bed at half price but not the others. While we can change this manually it does not display on the front end that it is in fact a discounted price.


Is there a way to resolve this or ought we use another product type (grouped comes to mind)? What would be the issues compared to configurable, or the limitations, if we changed the format to grouped products?


Cheers all!



Re: Configurable Query

Hi @davidb109 


Yes this is an issue with the way prices are stuctured for the configurable products in Magento. There is no simple solution you can implement youself. But I have a few clients running this module (I have no affiliation with them)


This allows you to control the configurable price by what the simple (associated product) costs. Meaning you can set that product on sale.


I hope this helps :-)

Re: Configurable Query

Thanks for that, much appreciated.

Unfortunately that does confirm what I had hoped would not be the case! Nonetheless confirming this does mean that we can look at alternatives. Sorry for the delay! Smiley Happy