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Configurable mass product entry


Configurable mass product entry

Hello everyone

I am running Magento ver. and I have 100s of configurable products that each have 40-90 different configurations.  Is there a simple way to add all the simple products quickly other than quick create on the Associated products tab.  This can take hours creating 40-90 versions of one product.  4-5 different attributes with 2-6 different options per attribute.

2nd question is how do I set up "if and then" pricing. If attribute AA has a $20 increase for attribute B, but attribute AB has a $30 increase or the same attribute B.  It seems you can only set fixed pricing for each attribute option.



Re: Configurable mass product entry

Hi @kullboys_boys,


1) Maybe the fastest way to create those product can be using the import options of Magento.


2) I'm not sure if I understand the whole rule you need but for some reason I guess you can't do it using Magento out-of-the-box. Maybe you can share a full example?

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Re: Configurable mass product entry

Hi @kullboys_boys,

Maybe something like mass configurable products creation action would do the trick? You can get it done with an extension.

As for the price, this extension won't help you to set it dynamically. You'll have to set the price for each simple product separately. However, the marketplace might offer some solutions for this task as well.

Hope this helps!

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