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Configure PayPal check out for multi store

Configure PayPal check out for multi store

Is anyone help me for the configuration of Magento order system customized.

Total amount of PayPal checkout does not carry out the tax of total amount of Magento checkout page. In other words, total amount of PayPal check out excluded tax on its total.

We have multi language store. One is international sales Store with English and the other one is domestic sales Store which required domestic consumption tax.

We have two options to add when you order an item and also we have free service of that two options and free shipping service when on orders over certain prices.i

We customized and set these options and free service options on the order system of Magento. However, in the domestic store, the total amount of checkout page and Total amount of PayPal checkout is different. Total amount of PayPal checkout do not include consumption tax. In other words, PayPal checkout do not recognize tax in domestic store setting just like International store that is duty free.

We could not find out its solution to configure setting its two multi language store.

We thank you in advance for your kindest cooperation to help find solution.

Magento latest version
Porto theme.
One step checkout