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Configuring a single store with many users

Configuring a single store with many users

I wish to configure a single Magento store to allow many users to load/edit their own products. 


Scenario: Single Magento install (CE version). One store. Servicing as many as 2k unique users (a user = admin). Each user has 10k to 15k of their own products in the same shared store. Each user can only see/edit their own products (using an extension to manage permissions). Access to the storefront is managed by customer ids - each user has their own customer id. A valid customer id is needed to enter the store. 


So, User A has 10k products on a store called Main Store. User A also is set up as a customer (Customer A) for restricted storefront access. The only person able to see the 10k products is User A (backend) or Customer A (frontend). User A adds about 1k new products a year.  User A and Customer A are the same person. No other person will access the 10k products. 


There is User B, he has 12k products. He has access to the same Main Store, he is set up as Customer B for restricted storefront access. Customer B can only see his 12k products on the same Main Store. User B adds about 1.5k new products a year, growing fast. 


There is User C, D, E, etc. Up to 2k unique users. Same setup. Each unique user/customer can only see their own products in th same single store. 


All users have the ability to add new products, and it is likely a portion of the users will be adding products throughout the year at the same time, to the same store. 




1. Is the CE version capable of handling the concurrent data updates described above (by multiple users on the same store at the same time)? 

2. Are the challenges more on the DB optimizing side of things with mysql (clustering, etc), or is the above scenario a Magento configuration challenge? 

3. Setting up many stores (one store per user) didn't seem like a great approach given the overhead required to maintain all the stores (one store per user). A thread somewhere mentioned Magento was not architected to effectively manage up for 2k stores, or even 50 stores. 


Any advice is appreciated.