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Consumer Scheduling Extension? or Tool?

Consumer Scheduling Extension? or Tool?


Hi All,


I am building a marketplace in the energy efficiency product (think LED light bulbs, NEST thermostats, etc...) vertical, and a client/partner of mine would like us to include a scheduling tool. 

In short, they would like consumers to not only shop the marketplace, but to schedule a service... think NEST thermostat install, A/C repair, weather stripping installed on windows etc...


I am curious if Mage or Mage 2.0 can accomplish this via an extension? OOTB? or is it custom?  The plan is to build this in 2.0, but we have the option of leveraging our current 1.9x environment.




Re: Consumer Scheduling Extension? or Tool?

Hi @jcoonsefi,


That sounds as a custom development. Is, basically, a booking system.

You'll need to check for that product (I.e.: A/C repair) a valid and available date.

I guess you'll need first to get the most detailed definition of the feature and how you could validate the availability and then integrate that into Magento.

But foir sure this sounds like a custom development.

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Re: Consumer Scheduling Extension? or Tool?

Hi @Damian Culotta,


Thank you for your message. I assumed as much.

Yes, a booking system for at home repairs, appliance installs etc...

The more I flesh this out in my head,  the more I realize it will be a complex build, but a massive value add to our client(s).


Thanks again!