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Contact Us form/email how to add a canonical link/tag <SOLVED>

Contact Us form/email how to add a canonical link/tag <SOLVED>

Hello, I'm doing SEO configs and have successfully added canonical links to all pages to my site configured on Magento 2.40.  

However, I cannot find a way to add the canonical link to the form at is called by the Magento contact us/email. 

Hopefully somebody here can make a suggestion.

TIA, Greg 

** I have solved the problem aby adding the link in the head of the xml document here:


<link rel=”canonical” src=”your chosen canonical URL” src_type=”url”/>


Re: Contact Us form/email how to add a canonical link/tag <SOLVED>

Hello! It's great to hear that you've successfully added canonical links to all pages on your Magento 2.40 website as part of your SEO optimization efforts. Canonical tags are essential for guiding search engines to the preferred version of a web page, especially when there are multiple URLs that can lead to similar content.

With canonical tags properly implemented, you help search engines understand the structure of your website and avoid issues like duplicate content penalties in search rankings.

If you have any more questions or need further assistance with your SEO efforts or any other aspects of your Magento 2.40 website, feel free to ask. SEO is an ongoing process, and there are many other strategies and optimizations you can consider to improve your website's visibility in search engine results. subway gift card balance

Re: Contact Us form/email how to add a canonical link/tag <SOLVED>

Hello Greg,

Great to hear that you've made progress with implementing canonical tags across your site on Magento 2.40. SEO configurations like these are crucial for maintaining strong site health and ensuring that search engines properly index your pages.

Regarding your query about adding a canonical link to the Magento contact form, it seems like you've already found a solution on your own – kudos on that!

Just a couple of notes to ensure best practices:

  1. Avoid Direct Changes to Core Files: Directly modifying files in the vendor/magento directory is generally not recommended as these changes can be overwritten during a Magento update. Instead, consider creating a custom module or a theme to extend the layout file. This ensures that your changes remain intact even after updates.

  2. Clear Cache: After making changes to layout files, remember to clear the Magento cache to make sure that your changes are applied.

  3. Test the Implementation: Ensure that the canonical tag is correctly implemented by checking the page source of the contact form page. You can use various SEO tools or browser extensions to verify the correctness of canonical tags.

  4. Check for Other SEO Aspects: While the canonical tag is important, also ensure that other SEO aspects of the contact page, like meta tags, are properly configured.

  5. Documentation: It might be beneficial to document this change somewhere, so in case of future updates or changes in the team, people are aware of this customization.

Great job on taking the initiative to solve the problem, and thank you for sharing your solution! This will surely be helpful for others facing the same issue.