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Copy setup of a Magento website to a New Domain

Copy setup of a Magento website to a New Domain



I am looking to work with an established Magento retailer. I have a premium domain name (worth in excess of $xx,xxx) and I am looking to in effect sell this company's products on my website, in part to monetize the domain. This company would provide the products and fulfill the orders, and I will drive organic traffic to the website.


There has been some customization made to his shop, and it is not easy to setup from scratch, in part due to the sheer number of products and the number of different combinations the website has. Does Magento have any functionality for essentially running the Magento setup on another domain name? I would alter the product descriptions and such in order to prevent any damage to SEO.


Would this be possible? Or, could anyone see a potential workaround here?


Many thanks


Re: Copy setup of a Magento website to a New Domain



Do you want to copy that company's existing Magento store to another server under another domain? I do not see any problems with that. You just copy files and database and update configuration to a different domain.


It's possible to run multi-domain setup from the same Magento instance but this is a bit more complex and they will have to allow remote access to store's database which can present security problems if not done properly. Also, in this case, if both stores are not in the same data center, your store will be slow because database connection can not be done via local network.

If you want to run multi-domain setup, it should be done in the same datacenter which allows local connection from one server to another. If this is not possible, the only option I see is to copy the store to another server and change its configuration to run from a different domain.

hope this helps.



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