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Create CMS menus to help organize content within a site

Create CMS menus to help organize content within a site

I'm looking to create some left navigation menus that are independent of my main mega menu store menu. In the past I've used CMS platforms like Joomla and Drupal where you could create any amount of menus you want and place them anywhere. 


We are planning to add a lot of content and would like to organize it.


We're organizing our content by categories. For example:

Libraries (category)

- New and coming soon page

- Featured Books page

- Upcoming events page

- Book Club Downloads pages

- Promotional Copy Request page


We'd have a library link in our footer that takes the user to a library homepage where they can then access this category of content. Instead of having to put a static text menu in every single page for navigation, I'd like to create a menu. I'm aware I can create a static cms block with static links and a widget to publish it, but this creates so many elements to manage. Other CMS plaforms make this simple by allowing you to create multiple menus and manage them from one place.


Are there any extensions that will do this or am I stuck creating text link menus and lots of widgets? Also, is there any easy way to assign a static block to only specific cms pages like mentioned above? 


Thanks in advance!

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