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Create Template vs. Create Page

Create Template vs. Create Page

Hi All,


I'm creating an online apparel store and we are offering hundreds of products. How can I create a template as a product page where I only need to change the variable for each perticular product. Or do I have to create a page that dedicate for one product??


Please help. Thanks in advance.




Re: Create Template vs. Create Page

Magento itself provide features to manage products option / configuration on frontend so customers can make choice of their products.. For that you just need to create your products from backend. As you mention you would making apparel store so you may need to create configurable products for apparel.


Magento support below types of products: (read and decide type for your products)


Configurable products helps:


Hope it helps you cheers Smiley Happy



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Re: Create Template vs. Create Page

Thanks for the reply. I tried with configurable product, but I don't think that's the solution to my problem. What I'm trying to achieve is to create one page (template) and use that to display all products. Right now when someone clicks on a product link on the front page, it directs them to a new html page with the address "<product name>.html" (<product name> is the name I give to that particular product. Of course each product has a different name, so my question is, how do I make a page to display all products regardless of what that product is (different name, different category, etc.)


Also the same goes with the category page, how do I create one page to be used to display any category? Category page would show something like a list of all products in that category.



Re: Create Template vs. Create Page

And to go a bit further, the url that user gets directed to "<product name>.html", even if I did add a page with that url-key, it doesn't show up. Right now, after clicking on the link from home page, it shows the url address is http://<>/<product name>.html" and the page returned is just as follows:


Not Found

The requested URL /<product name>.html was not found on this server.


I think I'm missing something fundamental here. Sorry for being a complete newbie. This is the first time we ever tried Magento.

Re: Create Template vs. Create Page