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Create a Book Store... Authors and books ... Help!

New Contributor

Create a Book Store... Authors and books ... Help!


This is my first job in magento after a long experience in joomla and a little experience in wordpress.

I have to create a bookshop in magento 2.

I have already purchased and installed a template and everything work well.

Now I have some difficulties in creating book products.


- Each book must have one or more authors

- Each author may have written many books.

- Each author must have at least one biography.

- Invoking the author I would like to be able to go back to the list of books written by him.


This seems simple, but not for me in Magento.

I had made this in the old site, an Word Press site, by inserting the authors as articles and books as products.


But i'm new in Magento and I have some difficulties.

Can you suggest something to me? Any link?  Just to let me know how to progress...

Thank you