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Custom product Attributes and Labels

Custom product Attributes and Labels



I am currently looking at the capabilities of Adobe Commerce, and have been asked the question about Attribute Codes and their Display Names.


For Product Attributes, our PIM System sends out an Attribute Code for a Product, e.g. "xx_weight". It then sends out a separate list of Attribute Codes with the Display name in multiple languages, (e.g. xx_weight = weight). It them expects the consumer of the data to join these two pieces of data to display the Attribute Name on the Web page.


From the Documentation, I have found that Adobe supports labels and can support the translations as a label. Can anyone confirm this is correct ?

Also for labels, can these be loaded via an API so that we import the cross reference on a periodic basis ?




Re: Custom product Attributes and Labels

Yes, if you have multiple store views set-up in Adobe commerce each attribute name has a "Default label" that can be set to a different value per store view. 


Values of attributes can also be set differently per store view. 


You should be able to achieve this using the REST API -

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Re: Custom product Attributes and Labels

Yes you can do this but it's not simple via a PIM, you have to perform differential checks between the platforms to keep them in sync, store views are one way but depending on the product size may not be the most efficient, as always the devil is in the detail.