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Customer Groups and discounts/logins/tracking of sales

Customer Groups and discounts/logins/tracking of sales



I am just starting to research a client needs for allowing 'Customer Groups' and 'Pricing' but with additional elements.


1) resellers public profile page

2) Resellers application form

3) Different levels of discounting based on sales volumes for each person/company within one Customer grouping, then same again in different customer grouping

4) Resellers can login an adjust their public profile

5) Track all sales by reseller and customer group

6) The customer groups would be 'resellers' who buy and sell for us, and then 'others' who just have a discount based on volume, and not for resell.

7) Separate news area for the different customer groups.

8) All customer groups would still pay through our checkout. 


Now I know I can develop something bespokely, but I wondering if there is any modules that could be recommended to fit or almost fit the requirements.  And so lessen the amount of bespoke coding. 


Many thanks in advance.


Re: Customer Groups and discounts/logins/tracking of sales

Hello @wood1e


We have a module called Loyalty Program

It allows you to provide discounts based on one's spending history. 

In addition, it will add a page with Available Specials to the customer's account area. 

That said, we also customize our extensions upon request and would be happy to provide you with a free quote. 


Please, let us know your thoughts!

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Re: Customer Groups and discounts/logins/tracking of sales

Thanks for that but your module doesn't offer 'profile page' for the reseller and allow pages only viewable to resellers.