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Customer country

Customer country

Hello, I was wondering if Magento Community 1.7 can separate/show the total amount of buyers by country and province.

Re: Customer country

Hi @h22red 


By default, no I don't think there is a repport for that. But you can easly get a developer to make these repports for you without much effort :-)

Re: Customer country

Any idea how much something like this would cost?
Please private message me if you can give me a quote.

Re: Customer country

Hey @h22red 

I don't know how much it can cost. But you can use Google analytics with its geo reports and ecommerce tracking. That will give you a clue on the countries of the buyers.

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Re: Customer country

You can't get this reporting in Magento. I recommend you use an extension for this. The extension would be able to tell you this. 


Some extensions are a one off fee or a monthly fee generally starting at $50USD. 

If you want a suggested list then let me know. 




Moco Insight 

Re: Customer country

Hi h22red,

We provide magento customize service. If you want to make this feature for your website, you can contact us on the link: or send email via 


Hope it's helpful for you.

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