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Customized stitching option

Customized stitching option

Can any magento extension or feature, help me sell clothing/apparel specially for shirts which can help people to customize a shirt according to their likings and choice of design? I would like to have such feature on mastimall


Re: Customized stitching option

What type of input are you looking for? E.g image upload, text field etc?


When you are editing a product, select the custom options tab. Here you can add custom options in the following inputs:


Text Field

Text Area


Drop Down

Radio Button


Multiple Select


Date & Time



So for example - you could create a custom option called "Custom Design" and have a text field. Which will allow customers to write how they would like the garment altering.


Let me know if this is what you are looking for, if not please be more specific and i will try and help you.


Kind Regards

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Conor Rhys Tomkins

Re: Customized stitching option



You can try the Dynamic Product Options extension for Magento that allows to add custom options to your products.

You can create a complex form, add images, comments to fields, custom CSS styles, create dependent options, enable options for specific customer groups, associate options to other products. The extension provides plenty of settings for advanced use.


Hope this helps!

Regards, Alex


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