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Different currency for different payment method

Different currency for different payment method

Hi guys,


I only have 1 store view on my website. I would like customers to pay NZD by credit card and AUD in another payment method (LayBuy, POLi Pay). and the displayed price on the front-end can be NZD or AUD.

Can Magento 2 achieve something like this?




Re: Different currency for different payment method

Hi @tony_le2,

Unfortunately you can't set different currency for the different payment methods for single store view.

You can got through once magento doc.

Stack :

I hope it will help you!

Re: Different currency for different payment method

Hi @tony_le2 


There is no default method by which you can achieve this as suggested by @Vimal Kumar .


But this doesn't mean it is impossible, you have to do little customisation on the payment page.


When the payment page is loaded we get the current currency selected and on the basis of that we can show the required payment methods which you want to show for that currency and make rest of the payment methods hidden.


So in this way you get only the required payment methods for the selected currency.



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Re: Different currency for different payment method

Hello @tony_le2 

There are some ways to achieve, but for sure its not available in default Magento.


1. Custom extension development
2. Make store views with different currencies and enable the payment methods for specific store views, you can use geoip so customer automatic land appropriate store view.

3. As @Rahul Gupta  suggested.

4. You can place one currency switcher button on checkout, by doing some custom code which will reload the page once you change the currency and will allow you to restrict the payment methods on checkout.

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Re: Different currency for different payment method

Hoping I'm not wrong, but from what I know you just need to add a specific extension/feature that allows customers to choose the preferred currency. I did this with my first business, but after that, I hired someone to take care of all the technical problems that may appear and I don't remember the steps exactly. If you can't do that on your own, maybe you should talk to some marketing agencies that know how to set it up. Or maybe you'll find something helpful on the internet. There is so much information out there!

Re: Different currency for different payment method

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