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Display ONLY the product name in 3 languages

Display ONLY the product name in 3 languages

Hello Every Body

This is my very first project in Magento 1.9, this is all about online grocery store. Where fruits & vegetables, rice & wheat, dry fruits, spices, etc etc are sold.


I am through with the installation process of Magento and 3rd party Template on server, setting up of categories & products. I passed this phase and successfully done it on my testing server.


Now what I need is to display ONLY the name of products in 3 different languages (English, Hindi, and Bangla). I don't require the translation of whole website or web page, ONLY the name product example: Black Brinjal (રીંગણ ગોળ)(बैंगन). I know there are many tool/extension available for translation, but I think those all are for translating the complete store, which is in my case not required.


So I need some guidance on How can I get what actually I need. For better understanding kindly refer the products which are from this website TRUE MART


It will be highly appreciable if any suggestion, advice or guidance is given to me.

Thank you all in advance.