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Displaying VAT on UK Sites

Displaying VAT on UK Sites



I'm experimenting with Magento Open Source 2.2. At the moment I'm looking at what can be configured out of the box.


It seems quiet easy to create a product with a price which is net of VAT and give it a tax rule with 0% or 20% as appropriate. The order summary then shows the net item prices with a VAT sub-total and a grand total which is correct.


That's great for business-to-business.


For business-to-customer sales you would normally display gross prices and totals. The VAT would be in the background for admin purposes only.


I can't find a way to do that.


I don't think the VAT should just be ignored when creating the product because that makes it difficult to handle both B2B and B2C orders on the same system.


How should this be handled in Magento?