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Dowloadable and Simple product variations?

Dowloadable and Simple product variations?

My wife and I run a small publishing business and have both physical books and e-books that we create and sell.


I just setup a new website using Magento and I am very happy with it.


However, now I need to get the e-books onto the site.


All our books are available in physical form, but some of them are also available in e-book form - either Mobi or EPub.


What I am hoping to do is have one product show up on the website and then during checkout ask the customer if he/she wants the physical book or the downloadable ebook and if ebook, which format.


So...I think I want to use a variation of the standard product that is a downloadble version.


Any suggestions on how to setup my product(s) to allow for this?  Do I use a Configurable product? I just don't have enough Magento experience to know where to go or how to set this up.




Jim Nickel


Re: Dowloadable and Simple product variations?



Baically you've two kind of products Download and Simple (physical delivery) and as you in magento you can made both kind of products very easily when they're separate

But in your case things like few products available in both (download and deliver physically) and the same product. And obviously its not good idea to make two products for single(like 1 simple for physical delivery and another download).


Possible solution is to customize into simple product type and provide options to customers when they process for cart Or place order. And yes its possible to manage.


Hope it helps you, good luck Smiley Happy


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