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Dynamic Price based on user entry

Dynamic Price based on user entry

Im working on a magento website which sells Wallpapers design and installation service also 

they asked for an option wich allow us to estimate the product price dynamiclly based on Customer entry instead of having fixed prices for fixed sizes



when the customer go to product X page he'll find 

Enter Dimentions Fields ( Width & Heights )

and the price will generate based on those Entries via some calculations 


Can Magento Do ?

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Re: Dynamic Price based on user entry

Hi @Aborady 


I think it might be possible by default, but it wont be the most elegant solution ;-)


You could configure your wallpaper as a Bundled product, and having the width and height as a simple product, that allows decimals in its stock qty.


The user can then input how many units he/she wants in each dirrection. 


I hope this helps :-)


Edit: No sorry wasn't reallt thinking, since these prices won't multiply correctly. You could do this witha  simple product just paying per square units. 



Re: Dynamic Price based on user entry

I Think its Simple Programming Ajax + PHP im Still Figuring Out 

i ound this in Stack Overflow


if anybody know here it will be very helpful


Re: Dynamic Price based on user entry

I found this solution


Maybe it can be easily customized for your goals.