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E commerce warehousing help!

E commerce warehousing help!

Good evening everyone,


I need urgent guidance with my e-commerce business. I have been running my business for quite sometime now.


My main issue is my warehouse management is horrible. I do not have barcode scanning, or POS system, so usually we put items in store, someone orders, we get the bag, put item inside and ship it out. But there is no tracking what so ever...


We are an e commerce but sometimes we sell offline or on other platforms other than our website.


Recently I had bought POS system, but haven’t connected it yet. Since, I don’t know how to connect or what program to use in order to connect my website and the POS system together.


Please give me advice I urgently need it asap.


Features I need, POS that shows most sold / least items, exchanged items (and when return comes, for the POS to tell website to increase quantity) and shows the day’s sales via website and outside the website.


My website is Magento


What is your advice guys?


Thank you so much,

Best regards,


Re: E commerce warehousing help!

To get recommendations on strategies to integrate your POS with Magento, you'd need to share more information. 

  • What POS software is it?
  • Does the software run locally at your business, or is there a cloud service powering the POS?
  • What version of Magento are you running?

You mentioned features that you need in a POS software in the same message. Does that mean that you're also open to forgetting about the purchase that you've already made and start fresh with a different POS?


There are a variety of options that have existing integrations for Magento. Some were built to work with Magento, like:


In other cases, there are integrations for popular POS platforms, like LightSpeed:


Best of luck!

Re: E commerce warehousing help!

Thank you for your reply! 

I barely have experience in the POS world, so I will send what I know... 

The product we bought is, 


Dell POWEREDGE T340 - 3.5" Chassis with up to 8 Hot Plug Hard Drives,Intel Xeon E-2124 3.3GHz, 8M cache, 4C/4T, turbo (71W),16GB 2666MT/s DDR4 ECC UDIMM, 3 x 1TB 7.2K RPM SATA 6Gbps 512n 3.5in Hot-plug Hard Drive, Perc H330 Raid, iDRAC9, Basic, Single, Hot-plug Power Supply 1+0, 495W
3Yr Basic Warranty 






The software is running locally and we are running Magento 2.3.2



Ideally, we want to use our own POS, since we have just bought it now, and it’s not cheap, so we don’t want to throw it... 


What are your recommendations please 

Re: E commerce warehousing help!

If I understand correctly, you purchased a server, and you purchased the Windows operating system for the server, but that's it. You don't own a Point of Sale software, or any special hardware related to POS for scanning barcodes, printing barcode labels, or printing receipts.


While you could run a different operating system, like a version of Linux, you've spent money on a Windows license. So you've bought a server, but no POS software or hardware to use with it.


While many POS software systems are Software as a Service (SaaS) or cloud-based, you've made the decision that you'd like to host this locally on the server that you purchase. 


Many providers have been retiring their on-site software, so that is a bit of a limiting factor:


I believe that Microsoft still has an on-prem version of their POS:

but from my experience, you'll need a more custom integration with your Magento site.


Maybe someone else here on the forums has some suggestions. 


Best of luck!

Re: E commerce warehousing help!

Yes Sir, We don't own a Point of Sale software, or any special hardware related to POS for scanning barcodes, printing barcode labels, or printing receipts. because its Not required as we are using same EAN (International Manufacturer Barcode) 

Since I have negligible understanding of POS systems etc... with our current hardware, what’s my best bet software to use? That would have the features required above 



and if I am to get rid of this new hardware, what’s the ideal hardware / software systems that you would recommend me to use 



thank you so much for the help 


Re: E commerce warehousing help!

What location are you trying to service? (ie. What Currency / Sales Tax Nexus)


About how many products/SKUs do you have?


How many checkout lanes / point of sale terminals will you need to operate?


Will all of those be at the same location? or does your business have more than 1 location?


Do you have a payment gateway that you're working with? or are you prepared to work with whatever is compatible with the POS software?


Beyond eCommerce, do you have any other key systems that you may want to integrate over time, like an Accounting software?

Re: E commerce warehousing help!

It's understandable how frustrating all this might be. The good news is that some warehousing companies can do that for you. They will not only store or ship your products but also have an amazing POS and tracking system. You can try finding something similar to I was extremely impressed with how they operate; it was easy to find or track the products because of their great POS system. There are also a lot of perks you can benefit from, such as quick delivery times and excellent batch control. Best of luck!