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Error in Downloading


Error in Downloading

Hello Everyone,
I hope you all are fine.

Sorry for disturbance but i am facing some problems in downloading. 
I heard a lot about magento and today i decided to download and install magento in my local machine. i make a account in magento website and validate the email because it shows that its mandatory before downloading magento, but when i try to download the magento it show that validate the email. I already validate the email but i did validation again, and after that go to magento website again and go to download page and try to download magento but it shows validate the email pop up.  No matter how many time i do validation but it still showing validate the email.

I would be thankful if someone tell me the solution.
Thanks again.


Re: Error in Downloading

Hi @farooq98,



Could you please click on the validation link again from the email your received?

Please attach to this post the screenshot of the page after being redirected from the confirmation link, and the screenshot of the validation message in the Magento account.



Best regards.

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Re: Error in Downloading

Thanks for the help, I repeat the process this time to take screenshot and as soon as i validate the email it start downloading, i don't no whats wrong couple of days ago, i was doing the same thing.

Anyway thank you soo much for your time and help. Appreciate it.