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Etsy, Ebay, Inventory Aging? Scheduled Listings?

Etsy, Ebay, Inventory Aging? Scheduled Listings?

Hi, I don't currently have an inventory management software but have about 5,000 items between Etsy and Ebay. I am looking to grow to 10,000+ items but will need an inventory management software that helps some small chores go quickly. I would like to eventually open a Shopify store too.


I am wondering if Magento does the following:


- Syncs orders across channels (Etsy, Ebay, Shopify) and updates quatities.

- Has automatic markdown features. I would like to mark items down every 90 days on the relist and clearance items.

- Can schedule listings across different ID's. I mainly sell on Etsy but would like to list 50 items per month across 15 eBay ID's. I need to list twice a day on both Etsy and eBay to keep my views up so scheduling these listings is very important to me.

- Can handle several stores. 20 Etsy, 20 eBay ID's.


If these features can be done, I will probably hire someone to help me figure this out since I hear there is a learning curve.