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Expanding business and need advice

Expanding business and need advice



I have a business where we need to upgrade from Shopify due to a number of limitations that mean that the platform is not viable for our business expansion and I am considering using Magento as the new platform, however I am after some advice on how my idea's can be achieved. The company is based in the UK


The company sell clothing items on-line and in store, currently have 1 store and looking to expend and a warehouse that looks after the on-line orders.


Physical stores

  • Each store will need its own inventory collection.
  • POS Hardware - ( currently we have 2 x ipads, each with a card machine, till printer, cash draw and a bar code scanner)
  • Each sale can be automatically assigned to a member of staff for commission reporting
  • The card machine to be told the transaction amount by the ipad POS. At present the amount has to be manually entered and I do not want this.
  • Proper refund / exchange methods
  • Gift Card support

The extension Advanced Inventory for Magento 2 looks great for the stock, but I am unsure how this would tie in with the POS hardware.


If anyone is able to advise me on the best solutions, services, companys or hardware to do this it could be great.


Kind Regards


Re: Expanding business and need advice

Hi Matthutc,


Sounds like a great business you are building there. Congrats.


I know only 2 POS modules for Magento 2 which I comfortably recommend to our clients because of the provider's reputation.


You may want to contact both and provide specs and more information about credit card scanners you have for your iPads and ask if they have or can add support for those scanners into their POS.

Same for Advanced inventory extension - most likely it will work just fine with POS because POS takes inventory data from Magento database and that inventory will be managed by Advanced inventory extension. Worse case - POS will need a little adjustment to take inventory from the correct store if it does not support it right now but does not look like this is a major adjustment. 

This is a beauty of Magento - you take what's already available as the base and customize it to fit your business.


Hope it helps.

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Re: Expanding business and need advice

Hi matthutc! I would recommend you take a look at the eBizMarts POS solution for Magento:


You might also consider transition to more of a fully managed solution that does more than just POS, such as Brightpearl:


Both of these solutions are well suited for smaller operations and have deep integration capabilities with Magento.

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