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Export Invoice Product Data ?

Export Invoice Product Data ?

Hi There,


I've been using Magento since 2015 and currently trying to get the most out of it that we can without using an ERP system.

The goal is to connect Magento to ShipStation with order data.

But, I can't export our invoices with the product data that the customer ordered.

Why is that? 

Do you have a good solution?

Thank you!


Re: Export Invoice Product Data ?

Hello @jaquelin_clark ,


This will help you to export your order data :


if you are facing any issue while exporting all data at once, huge data must be causing the issue, you can export it in chunks, if any fatal error is showing, let us know here.


Hope it helps !

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Re: Export Invoice Product Data ?

Thanks for the information. But, it still doesn't appear to be possible to export the invoice WITH ordered product information.

We need to export the invoice to a spreadsheet and include the order information so that we can import it into our shipping software. I was hoping this was native to Magento because it doesn't seem out of the ordinary for an e-commerce store to need to do this (?)


Let me know if I am misreading the information you provided though