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Fast Checkout Process fetching previous card details

Fast Checkout Process fetching previous card details

I am in a process to develop one eCommerce website. I have designed the check out process with four major integrals

1 Billing Information
2 Shiping Information
3 Shipping Method &
4 Payment information


Up to step 4 everything goes smoothly. Now, I want to create a fast checkout process. I want to enable an option wherein repeat visitors buying from the store are redirected directly to the payment information (option 4) skipping first three options.


Issue: I have tried with several Magento as well few third party extenstions, nothing worked. As of now, I have manually written the code; However, still am not able to skip first three options.



Any help or any guidance regarding how to create these first three options and create a hassle free checkout process is most welcome.

Thanks you in Advance!


Re: Fast Checkout Process fetching previous card details

Dear @veejay8264,

I think you just need to use One Step Checkout extension to show all the steps on one page. This will take your customer more easy to checkout on your site.

Currently, we are providing One Step Checkout extension for magento site. You can refer the feature of our product on the link: -
One Step checkout extension - Social Login extension - Gift Card extension

Re: Fast Checkout Process fetching previous card details

Dear Mr. @ACheckout
I am thankful for your prompt and valuable reply.

I tried solving my problem with Magento Extension:- PayPal Credit Card Tokenization Extension and am really happy to have achieved satisfactory resolution to my problem. However, I am facing a new problem now, I am unable to save and fetch last used credit card details of the customer when the extension already has this functionality.

I will be obliged if you could guide me to find solution to this problem in any way possible.

Thanking you in advance!