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Filter on store location (multistore)

Filter on store location (multistore)



I'm thinking of using Magento for a new website/startup in combination with the "marketplace" extension to allow others to run a store on my website. 


However, I am wondering if it is possible to create some sort of filter (for customers) with which they can filter stores in there area. It could be that some of the goods sold cannot be shipped (food for example) and that they would only like to pick it up if the shop is in their own area.


Could someone tell me if that's possible (out of the box) or if some customizing is required ?


Thanks a bunch!


Re: Filter on store location (multistore)

Magento includes Layered Navigation allowing the customer to sort by product Attributes. You could set up an Attribute on each product for "location" and let the customer filter this way. Here's details on setting up Attributes in the user manual:


Since the marketplace extension is a 3rd party extension, you would need to contact that extension author for specific questions about their extension.  Their contact information should be on their website or on Connect.


Hope that this information is helpful! Good luck!

Re: Filter on store location (multistore)

HI you may use store location addon for marketplace for this purpose

Re: Filter on store location (multistore)

Hi @Bassius

A store locator really seems to be a good solution in your case. You can check out this extension


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