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Free Shipping Not Working

Free Shipping Not Working

I am currently using Magento and cannot add a FREE SHIPPING option to specific products. I know this may seem simple to you guys but I've spent over 5 hours trying to figure this out, I've looked forums and youtube videos and I still can't seem to get it working.


I have created the FREE SHIPPING under a 'shopping cart price rule' and for some reason I cannot actually add free shipping, I can adjust the percentage or fixed amount in the basket but not just remove the shipping option.


Any help with this would be amazing,






Re: Free Shipping Not Working

Sounds to me that you are looking at the first dropdown of the action, entitle 'Apply', however, the free shipping option for a promo rule is defined by the 6th dropdown - in your case would be free shipping 'for matching items only'.

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Re: Free Shipping Not Working

Thank you for responding.


I tried the suggestion below but it still will not working.


Attached are the specifics I have entered, at the moment the RULE gives a customer 10% 2 specific products but I need to add free shippng to these specific products.


Any help or suggestions are welcome?


Thank you