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Full e-Commerce solution with multiuser and multistore Magento setup

Full e-Commerce solution with multiuser and multistore Magento setup

Hi all,

i have a question about Magento Community edition same as below (i've found it on and changed some points related to our needs)

I am looking for an extension/other kind of solution that would allow

  1. Upon registration, for users to create a sub-store. (Or allow a parent-store admin to deploy a sub store on behalf of the user). The sub-store would need to be on a different domain.
  2. The sub-store would have all (or part) of the products in the parent-store.
  3. Registered users can only access their sub store. See orders and customers only within and for their own sub-store
  4. Users can modify some content in their sub store (about us, contact us, front page header, slide/banner should be changed etc).
  5. Payments: Option 1: Payment gateway separate for each sub store (different Paypal email, pay by bank transfer to a different account etc).
  6. Regardless of the payment option, each sub store would have multiple currencies available.
  7. Products in the sub-store are the same as the main store but with an increase cost (by applying a margin as a global percentage e.g. everything is 35% more expensive than the main store etc).
  8. Specific pricing can be set on a product by product basis (nice to have feature but not a must).
  9. Shipping - no special requirement. Shipping for all sub-stores will be done from sub-store owner.
  10. Emailing customers will be done from the domain of the sub-store.
  11. The user cannot alter their sub-store aside from defining content, payment gateway and setting the margin.

and my question is


I would like to know that, is a structure possible with Magento Community Edition like below;

  1. We'll setup a magento store (main store - main site) with all of our products that can be sold on any sub-store.
  2. We'll setup some sub-stores (with multi-store functionality) on different domains
  3. We'll assign one or more users they responsible to admin these stores (admins can only manage their sub-store/site)
  4. We'll assign some of our products to these sub-stores (based on sub-store admins' decisions)
  5. Admins can edit products(prices-campaigns-images etc)/pages/posts on their sub-stores (own site)

I mean, we would like to construct an e-commerce system to allow our customers let them create their own internet site with their domain and sell our products within these site, we'll provide our host and product database and help them to construct site and store. Is it possible with magento?

We would like to start with community edition, if we can achive to success than we can upgrade to Enterprice edition.



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Re: Full e-Commerce solution with multiuser and multistore Magento setup

Have you actually tried testing this, because you will find that your performance will grind to a complete halt after a dozen or so stores.

Re: Full e-Commerce solution with multiuser and multistore Magento setup

Your Magento store would be extremely slowly, if not won't load at all. Also how are you going to deal with the request for multiple extensions, reporting etc. 


I don't know if Magento is the platform you should be using here. You might be better off white labelling a market place platform solution. Or better yet build one of your own. 


I would test first and see what happens.