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Google Crawling errors of links that don't, and Never existed

Google Crawling errors of links that don't, and Never existed

In the last couple of days I'm having trouble with Googlebot crawlers.


I've experienced an increased of 404 links that don't exist, and have never existed.


Trying to see the origin of these 404 links is not possible so I really don't understand what's going on. The only thing that I can see is this:

Last crawled: 6/23/15

First detected: 6/23/15

Googlebot couldn't crawl this URL because it points to a non-existent page. Generally, 404s don't harm your site's performance in search, but you can use them to help improve the user experience. "


I don't have relative URL´s. All my URLs are absolute.


There are links that I already redirect to the correct one in the htaccess like this:

"Redirect 301 /en/wine/shipping-returns.html"


The URL /en/wine/shipping-returns.html that was detected NEVER exist.


The thing is that the category wine was created. The problem is that the category as nothing to do with the page shipping-return.html. The shipping-return.html is a CMS page and the category wine is a category of products


The two together doesn´t make any sense. And would never had been together.


If I tried to see the origin of the tracking error it notifies me that it was on a specific page. But when I try to find out in the HTML code where the link doesn´t exist. The only thing that exist is a link:

<a title=" Wines" href="">Wine</a>


and another link:

<a title="Shipping and Returns" href=""> Shipping and Returns</a>


So this is very frustating.

Can anyone help me?

Thank You