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Group Price

Group Price

Is there a way that a group price will only effect on a certain date?

This will be the scenario

Regular Price: $50 (will only display if the user is not logged)

Group Price: $40 (will only effect on 2015)

Display $40 (if the user is logged)

And there is also a Catalog Price Rule (which will only effect if the Group Price Expirese) 15% Discount
the problem is it will used the $40 price instead of using the Regular Price, it should be like this (50) - ($50 X %5).
That's why we need to set  Expiry Date on Group Price so that Group price will not be discounted.

FYI this is Our Price Hierarchy:

Custom Price (Group Price)
Discounted Price (Catalog Price Rule)
Regular Price


Re: Group Price

Hi @JakeVega


For your requirements, you need to create a custom extension and you need to set the proper product price according to your hierarchy. And when customer adds the product to the cart, set the proper price into that. You can used diffrent magento event into the extension.


Let me know if you need any help with this.

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Re: Group Price

Hi @JakeVega


You may check this Magento extension -

The module lets you display the prices for the logged-in customers, and set the customer group prices lower or higher than the default ones.


> Group Price: $40 (will only effect on 2015)

This feature can be added as a customization. If you are interested, just let us know.

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