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Grouped products

Grouped products

Hi All,


I am in the process of deciding which platform to use for my new store and after reviewing the functionality of Magento the only piece I can't see an obvious way of working is grouping products whereby depending on the properties you select defines which product you will ultimately add to your basket.


An example is probably easier, which took a while to find:


As you will see on there depending on which options you select the stock code (product) changes. Is there a way of implementing this without custom code in Magento?


Thanks for your time and help


Re: Grouped products



To have product with properties to select from drop-downs in Magento is possible to create in 2 ways: either using simple products with custom options or with the help of configurable products.


At product page they look almost the same, they allow to set different prices to different options in drop-downs.


However,  there is one major difference between those methods of product creation. Custom options do not allow to track stock for variants in drop-downs, so for example if you do not have in stock, let's say chain size 7 mm, it will still be showing in drop-down and available for purchase. 


Configurable products, in their turn, allow to track inventory for properties in drop-downs, due to the fact that properties are created simple products with unique variations linked to parent configurable. Though, as you have to create all those variations linked to configurable products, they are considered to be more difficult to create, but easier to manage stock.


You can read more on configurable products and simple products with custom options via comparison -


Hope this helps.

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Re: Grouped products

I second @Store_Manager with the options you have in Magento.


What better to use is probably depends on how do you store and manufacture your products.

If you create them after the order placed, so do not stock inventory of the chains of different variations, you'll probably will be better with simple products and custom options.

If you have all variations stored - use configurable product.

Alex Levashov, eCommerce consultant at Magenable
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