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Handle Multiple sets of pricing for offers

Handle Multiple sets of pricing for offers

We market through catalogs that drive traffic to our website. Upon looking at Magento, I'm curious if it can do the following:


We may have 5 or 6 catalog offers on the street at one time, each with their own pricing (ie normal offer, prospect, clearance, best-customer). We have our standard pricing but if a customer types a catalog source code, we'd have different prices. Our goal is to get feedback from the user so we can track back the source of the order (ie it came from catalog x or y, etc).


How would we handle this through Magento? The way we think now is to have a price list for each catalog.


Re: Handle Multiple sets of pricing for offers

Have you looked at the Magento Customer Group pricing? There you can set product price based on customer group.

In your case when you have source field  one of the solution might be use customer group name as source and modify price function to show prices based on this field.