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Handle galleries/images

Handle galleries/images

Is it not possible to handle galleries and images straight in Magento without an extention? I am looking for a place where all the pictures are added and I will be able to get URLs, delete etc. E.g. where logo is uploaded, graphics, a pdf file etc. Not just to change a product picture. 
RIght now I need to remove a PDF that is uploaded to /images/upload


Re: Handle galleries/images

Hi there.


In Magento images are added into gallery and stored on your FTP according to certain hierarchy.

After you have added images to your goods, you can find them in your store root directory in media/catalog/product and subfolders created according to first 2 symbols of image name.

For example, you have added image - 321.jpg to your product, so it will be stored at your store root, then media/catalog/product/3/2/321.jpg


So this way you will be able to find the path and access your images.


This may sound complicated, but in Magento files and images are organized in the following way:

- product images are uploaded to media/catalog/product
- category images to media/catalog/category

- logo is uploaded to skin/frontend/default then you need to select template you are using and under it choose images folder

As for the pdf, how did you upload it? is is a part of your description or is it component of downloadable product?


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Re: Handle galleries/images

I managed to remove the PDF through FTP. Your description for FTP is good but I was wondering if there is a place in the magento backend where I can see these things. Say I want to browse the pictures I have uploaded. Through FTP I don't get a clear view of all the images I have in the gallaries. Just by accident I found the PDF document that the original owner had uploaded which contained a lot of mistakes.