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Help with a Magento Function

Help with a Magento Function



Right up front I have to say I am not a programmer but I need advice on a specific function

I have a company re-writing a site for me and I have trouble agreeing with them over a minor (but important) function.


Scenario :
I have the normal product display page with "View Details" button that take you to the product details page.

The selected product is displayed along with up to 5 different color buttons


The company writing the site for me insists that, even if there is just one color of the product the user MUST click the desired color before it can be added to the cart.


I find this incomprehensible as I would expect that the product on display (as was called from the product display page) would be automatically selected and eligible to be added to the cart  without such an inconvenience of the additional click.


Further to this I am being advised that to make the change would require 40 paid hours to change to what I am suggesting.


Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.