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Historical sales by SKU/Product Report

Historical sales by SKU/Product Report



I'm on Enterprise Edition, and I want to run a report that shows me my sales by product/SKU by time period.


The fields I want are 

- date/time frame (whether day, week, month etc)

- SKU/product name

- units sold

- value of sales


Essentially, I want the "best sellers" report within the product tab, but I want more than the arbitrary limit of top five that Magento offers me.


I would have thought this is a very basic, standard report to run (what products are my best sellers?) but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it within Magento.


Any help appreciated




Re: Historical sales by SKU/Product Report

Would be great to know how to do this for CE as well...

Re: Historical sales by SKU/Product Report



This feature already implemented here



Re: Historical sales by SKU/Product Report

So the only way to get basic, rudimentary reporting is to pay more for a plugin?


Re: Historical sales by SKU/Product Report

On Enterprise Edition, you have the default "best seller" report accessible under Reports > Products > Best seller.
This will return SKU And units sold in the period you specified.
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Re: Historical sales by SKU/Product Report

You are correct that the "Products" report type doesn't include dollar amounts (that I've seen). It does show the time frame, product name, and units sold though. The "Products Ordered" report is most useful if you need a fuller list (more than just Best Sellers).


The "Sales" report type would show you dollar amounts, taxes, shipping and those types details.  Perhaps a combination of Products and Sales reports could acheive your goal here.


There are lots of specific Reports extensions to build more specific types of additional reports for you.  Every business has unique reporting needs, so if there's something an existing report extension doesn't accomplish for you, a Magento Developer can create a custom report for you.


Feel free to email me if I can help further. Thanks!

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Re: Historical sales by SKU/Product Report



Thanks for the reply.

I've looked at the bestseller report.  The problem with the bestseller report is that my site has a lot of SKUs, and it only shows me the top 5.  I also have a free giveaway with most sales, so these make up the top couple of SKUs.


Is there some way to customise the Bestseller report to include more SKUs?  I couldn't see one.

The Bestseller report should be able to be extended to whatever number of SKUs I want.  This is a VERY basic piece of functionality that ought to come out of the box and which would solve my problem (and, I suspect, the problem that a lot of people have).


Thanks again for the reply

Re: Historical sales by SKU/Product Report

Have you get solutions of your needs ? I guess there are extensions available for the same Or you can hire Magento developer to make such extensions as per your needs. Cheers Smiley Happy

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Re: Historical sales by SKU/Product Report

Hi Jenna


Thanks for the response.


That's not a bad idea for a workaround - it's a bit clunky, but I'm (slowly) learning that clunky is better than you can typically hope for with Magento.


Would I see details of the products on the sales report?  I'd need that to make the workaround viable.

Thanks again


Re: Historical sales by SKU/Product Report



Did you managed to get the reports you are after. I suggest you use a reporting extension as getting a developer to create this report is coslty as you will constantly need to change the query. 


You could try our reporting extenions, Moco Insight. It has unlimited bestsellers reporting capabilities. You can sort best sellers by your attributes, manufacturers, brands, colour, regions etc. The list is very long. All SKUs are included. 


We also have a sales report that includes customer details and skus. Here is a link to an article showing the report


Best of luck getting the reports you need.