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How do I restrict Coupon discounts?

How do I restrict Coupon discounts?

We offer many clubs and people discount coupons that they can use at the basket page, however we have started to see a number of people taking advantage of this and layering these up for maximum discount.

My question is, is it possible to reject any coupon code at the basket if the product is already dicounted?

e.g. RRP = £50, 

Discounted price is 20% off so the Sale Price = £40

A customer has a 10% off Cooupon discount code to use at the basket, however due to there being 20% off the item already we do not want the additional 10% coupon to be valid.


Can anyone explain how any code can be cancelled if a discount is already exists on an item.




Re: How do I restrict Coupon discounts?

Based on my understanding if product is already discounted (by sale price Or special price) then coupon codes should not work and give you respected error message...  I can help you by developing extension for you for the same.

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Re: How do I restrict Coupon discounts?

Hello @Freeze01

This is not possible in Magento out of the box. However,  you can have a look at this extension Among other numerous features it will help you to restrict promotional codes usage for the products that are already discounted provided these discounts are set up via Catalog Price Rules or Special Price.

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Re: How do I restrict Coupon discounts?

Hi @Freeze01,


You could try editing the attribute "specialprice" under Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes, and find the one labeled "specialprice".

When you open this attribute, you will find a Area "Use in promo rules" YES/NO. Set this to YES.

Save and close.


Then on you couponrules, at the rule "False" if specialprice is 1 or greater.


This way the coupon code should not be applicable when you set a specialprice on a certain product.


Also check the Setting on the coupon saying "Stop further rule processing".. This should be active on the coupon rules, for not be able to apply discount on discount.

Please check with 2 or more of your rules for this one.


Hope this helps you, otherwise let me know Smiley Happy

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Re: How do I restrict Coupon discounts?

You can use our Shopping Cart Price Rules extension to achieve this. Another way would be to create an attribute and set it to 1 for any product with a discount and then ignore the discount for that product.

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