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How do YOU add bulk products to your spreadsheet?

How do YOU add bulk products to your spreadsheet?

Sorry if this is in the wrong section as i was unsure of where to post it? Please could a mod move it if it needs to be and once again, sorry for the wrong section.


So as the title says, how do YOU add bulk products to your spread sheet? I work for a small company that trades both in shop and online, online for that matter is taking off at a snails pace due to other reasons but back to the question, do you add them all manually or do you use software that will add your entries for you?


I can honestly say that adding hundreds if not thousands of products daily to a spread sheet is soul destroying! I have not really looked for any type of software because i was unsure of what to search for, to tell the truth i had a little search and found nothing. I then decided to code my own. It's not working as good as i want but it has sped up my input time dramatically! 


So, how do you add yours?


Re: How do YOU add bulk products to your spreadsheet?



Usually shop owners ask suppliers to provide spreadsheets with data to add new products and update existing (quantity or price lists).


Also if some changes need to be implemented to existing products you can export them to CSV, do there  changes and import back applying them.

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