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How to sell products as a set


How to sell products as a set



I want to sell chair cushions on my webshop. In our erp systeem we have a sku code for these cushion. 

Our ERP system is connected with our magento so that orders will be automatically processed.

I want to sell these product as a set because of the low price. So customers will have to buy 2 pieces.

Is it possible to configure this in magento? That they can choose between 2, 4, 6, 8, … as quantity?



Re: How to sell products as a set

@camillemisd8ef please refer the below link.


Minimum Quantity 




Re: How to sell products as a set

The short answer is, Yes, it can be done, natively, through your Magento admin. 


You can use the Qty Increments feature:

"Sets if the product can be sold in quantity increments. If enabled, enter the quantity of products that must be purchased in an incremental step."

(ex. 2,4,6,8, etc. or 3,6,9,12, etc.)


There are other ways of addressing this issue, like using Tiered discounts to offer price breaks for shoppers purchasing higher quantities of your products, and bundled products, which will allow you to offer discounts to shoppers that purchase particular items together.


Best of luck!