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Ignore filling in VAT Number field on Irish store

Ignore filling in VAT Number field on Irish store


I've set up a multi-store on our Magento installation. We currently have a UK store view and an Irish store view. The Irish store belongs to the European website. So all transactions that go through the Irish store and any European store to come will be in Euros.

I've navigated to: System > Configuration > Sales > VAT (20%) then set the 'Default Tax Destination Calulation' to 'Ireland' for the Irish store .


My problem is that if a customer now orders from the Irish store and reaches the Delivery address step in the Basket, then changes their country to Ireland or any other European country that charges VAT, they cannot got to the next step unless the input their VAT number. I'm aware of the European rules with regards to VAT.


I would like the basket to allow the customer to proceed to the next payment step even if they haven't entered their VAT number. Then add the VAT onto the price later.

Currently, their is a footnote underneath the VAT Number field the says 'Enter your VAT number for VAT exemption'.

What | don't want to do is to block customers who don't have a VAT number when purchasing from the Irish store.


Is this possible with Magento ver.







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